new approaches to socially engaged creative practice

This European project involves European structures from 5 countries, the main aim is the exploration and dissemination of new and innovative approaches to socially engaged creative practice. Countries involved are France, Belgium, Italy, England and Lithuania.
Drawing upon a broad scope of approaches including performance, art, music, creative thinking and entrepreneurship the project explores new and innovative approaches to creative and cultural social engagement and audience development with an overall objective to produce new innovative approaches and methods by the cross fertilisation of ideas and practices from the partners. We use mentoring and peer to peer learning throughout the project, as well as working closely alongside the learners / local inhabitants so that their needs are helping to direct the project… We will create a universal ‘how to’ handbook that can be easily used by individuals and organisations working across the fields of art, culture, social care, education etc… This program covers four types of target groups : learners, trainers, creative professionals/artists and social mediators. It also includes Professionals and staff from cultural centres, managers of theatre / dance companies, arts and cultural organisations and those who offer creative and cultural activities to local publics / inhabitants. By now the main activities organized were : a two days training session in London dedicated to creative thinking (6 hats by Edward De Bono, Caprture system TM) ; a seminar for artists in Italy, various exchanges about specific creative practice with social purpose in different countries. Our second year of activities will be very practical, thanks to workshops including adult learners moving from one country to the other, in the very spirit of Grundtvig.