Centre of Culture of Zarasai Municipality

Centre of culture logo smallCentre of Culture of Zarasai Municipality organises and coordinates cultural processes in the whole Zarasai region. In 2010 it was nominated as the best cultural centre in Lithuania.  Salakas is one of five departments under the Centre of Culture of Zarasai.

ZKC panoramic2It is the main organiser of all traditional and annual festivals and events. It has a variety of amateur art classes including theatre, traditional and modern dance, voice, painting, traditional crafts, folklore, etc. the centre also runs local and international projects. Currently it is the leading partner of 2 international ‘cooperation across the border’ projects with Latvia and Belarus.

Jonines Zarasai (5)

Centre of Culture of Zarasai Municipality is an expert in traditional culture, primarily music and dance. we will be the leader of creative workshops in this field. We will also send a group of Lithuanian participants to take part in the project workshops and activities.

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